AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Team Programming

Members of the Team Programming section are students interested in algorithms and competing.

Our core activities are weekly practice sessions. During these meetings we are solving and discussing tasks taken from various algorithmic contests.

The most important competitions we participate in are:
* AMPPZ Polish Collegiate Team Programming Championship
* ACM ICPC Central European Regional Contest

At the beginning of each academic year we organize eliminations to determine teams that will represent the AGH-UST in these prestigious competitions.

We also participate in the following contests:
* MWPZ Greater Poland Team Programming Championship
* Deadline24 Programming Marathon
* Potyczki Algorytmiczne
* Google Code Jam
* Top Coder Open
* and other

Our greatest success in recent years is the 8th place in the XVII Collegiate Championship of Poland in Team Programming in 2012.

Idea Factory
A section that gathers people who want to gain togheter professional experience by participation in real team projects, workshops and interest groups.

BIT Infra is a section of administrators, who take care of servers available for BIT services.

Our group main interests contains technologies offered by Microsoft Company, especially .NET. We are focused on learning "How We could use modern technologies" such as Windows 8 (Flat UI), web applications and cloud computing - Windows Azure. Beside theoretical topis we gain practical skills. Members of our group often take part in contests and events organized by Microsoft.
Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

Academic IT Festival is an annual international conference directed especially toward people who show a passionate interest in computer related technology. This event stands out of the crowd because of the fact that it is being organized by students for students and therefore meets their expectations accurately. The Festival is a forum for the exchange of information and experience related to computer technology between experts in the field and auditors. It also serves as a meeting ground for students with similar interests.

Since the very first edition, which took place in 2005, the Festival has been becoming more and more popular. Cracow city had not been offering a similar event that far. Although scientific life has always been thriving at Cracow’s universities, there lacked some substantial contact with what was really going on in computer science both in Poland and in the world. Books and IT magazines ceased to be enough. Our team, consisting of members from academic circles, decided to take up the task of arranging an event on a nationwide scale, which was to break the standstill. And as you can see, it has succeeded.

Every year, the Academic IT Festival has been surprising everybody with its momentum. At present, it is the biggest event of its type in Central Europe. The conference deals with a wide range of issues, such as software engineering, operating systems, networking or open source software. It results in the lectures being attended to both by experts and beginners in a given field. The variety of subjects also guarantees that every participant can find something for himself. The conference guests are always people who have something interesting to say: experts from the IT world, representatives of the biggest companies, scientist from leading universities. We had the pleasure to host: prof. Andrew Tanenbaum, prof. Stephen Wolfram, prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, Vahe Amirbekyan, Lukas Renggli and others. Their experience perfectly complement the theoretical knowledge that students already acquire at university.

Within the three last editions of the Festival, almost 50 lectures took place, each time gathering several hundred participants from all over Poland. More at